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Not finding enough leads? Check out these 5 sources to up your sales game!

The process of finding the sales lead remains possibly the most important element of our business in financial advising. Without a consistent flow of new leads, we simply aren’t going to be selling more financial products.


Briefly I’d like to refresh your memory on a couple of old (read tried & tested) and some new sources for finding sales leads.


Sales Lead Referrals

If we think that every person we know, on average knows 300 people, that creates a pretty big well of potential leads. Make sure that when you meet someone for the first time and they ask “what do you do?”, you have a well-defined, consistent elevator pitch that describes clearly what you are about. You aren’t ‘selling’ to them, but there’s no doubt, that someone they know needs your service, and they can introduce you.


What about friends, relatives and acquaintances I hear you ask. Selling to them may work occasionally but on the whole you’re going to be better off using them to generate new leads for you. Make sure they understand your business.


Online Networking

Hundreds of millions of people are using them. You know. Those SOCIAL MEDIA things. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. They’re chatting, and sharing personal information, and posting pics of their dinners and holidays. They’re networking. Don’t ignore these new tools for getting your message out there. Make sure your social media profiles are up-to-date, publish articles to show how knowledgable you are, comment on other people’s articles and participate in groups and forums to create awareness. There’s gold in them hills!



Big crowds of potential clients. Exhibitions, conferences, cocktail parties and product launches should be easy places to be working your magic. Make sure you have your pitch down pat and enough business cards! If you know how to work the room you could walk away with hundred of leads! If you need to brush up on “working the room” read my earlier article on “Relationship Building 101“.


The 3-Point Turn

You’ve just completed an appointment at someone’s office. Do you a) get up and leave happy with the sale or b) ask left, ask right, ask behind you, and leave with three new business cards? Make it your mission to never leave without asking. Ask any good cricketer and he’ll tell you “tea becomes one and one becomes three”.


Existing Business

Existing business gives you a 50% chance of new business. A new product, more cover, better benefits. Use your existing business as a lead. Even a dormant client gives you a 25% chance of new business. Don’t ignore the leads that are in your database already.


The Usual Suspects

I’m not talking about Kevin Spacey, Stephen Baldwin and Kevin Pollak either. Those sources that you’ve almost forgotten, phone directories, newspapers, Yellow Pages and list brokers? What about networking with other salespeople who target the same audience with different products? Have you spoken to an Estate Agent or a luxury Goods salesman recently. Probably great people to start an alliance with? Get creative, even with the usual suspects!


DFC Greater Gauteng is South Africa’s top Life producing team and has been consistently for 8 years. We attribute that success to our ability to attract the best advisors, and give them the environment and support that allows them to prosper. If that sounds like your kind of place, drop Sean an email and talk about moving your career to the next level.


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