Cold-call script review

Not cracking the cold call? Write the perfect script with these 5 basic elements

I’ve heard it from financial advisers before, many times. You’re no different. “I HATE using a script. It’s so forced. It feels fake!” You’re wrong.
You watch movies right? TV? Yes. Do the actors make it up as they go along? No exactly. They learn from a script. Do they sound forced or fake? No exactly. Why is that? It’s because they LIVE that script. They study it. They understand it. They make it their on. They tweak it to suit their style. Method acting. Heard of it? Become the character. Be the character. It’s NO different in financial planning sales.
What’s the main benefit of a script? It ensures that you say the things you HAVE to, and they come naturally, but it frees you up to concentrate on what your lead is saying back to you. Listening… the key to effective selling. Making sense so far?
So let’s look at those 5 basics now:
  1. Get the person’s attention: I normally start with an opening statement that opens a conversation or discussion. People generally respond in kind. If my opening is boring, insincere or forced, I can expect that kind of response. But if my opening is polite and intelligent I’m likely to get a polite and intelligent reply from my lead. Keep in mind, the call is NOT about the opening, that is just getting their attention.
  1. Identify yourself and your company: If you open with “Good morning David, this is Bob Chalmers from Discovery Agency” he’s unlikely to know you or your company and less likely to give you a warm welcome.
          You need a solid introduction.
          “Good morning David. I’m Bob Chalmers from Discovery Agency. We are a wealth management advisory
          that helps people with effective financial planning.” You’ve created space for David to respond, in a positive
  1. Present the reason for your call: You do know the reason for the call right? It’s to get an appointment. Remember last week’s lesson, “No appointment = no sales. No sales = no money in bank”.So be clear, “I am calling you to make an appointment”. Now your lead knows what you want. That statement alone gives you a 10% chance of getting the appointment. That’s right 1 in 10 people will say yes at that point, because it’s the nature of people. You can improve that ratio by painting a picture for the lead, that allows them to see what is in it for them. “I’m calling you to make an appointment so that we can evaluate your retirement plans”. The call suddenly becomes laser-focused. David knows exactly what this call is about. I’m not calling to introduce my company, or ask him if I can send him an email. He knows who I am and why I want an appointment with him.
  1. Make a questioning or qualifying statement: Your next step is to present a question or statement that allows your lead to respond favourably. Make it an open, guiding question, that links to the ground you have already covered.
          “David I’m sure that you would be far happier knowing that your wife and children are well looked after if
          something happened to you.” It’s going to be pretty difficult for him to say “No thanks” to that.
  1. SET THE APPOINTMENT: It’s quite simply amazing how many financial advisors can still bugger this part of the process up completely. Instead of asking for the appointment they pussyfoot their way around it. A lot. Often. All the time!
          Are you guilty of this… “That’s great, when should we get together?” or this… “Super, is next week good for
          Blah blah blah
          It’s a simple question and it goes like this: “David, that’s great, we need to get together. Does Wednesday at
          9am suit you?”. It’s direct. It’s positive. It tells him you’re getting together and you’re now confirming the
          date and time. It’s clear and specific. And because people respond in kind, David is likely to to respond
          directly and positively.
          Pose the question specifically and directly.
          I can’t write the script for you. It needs to be from you, in your style and tone, but I can assure you that if it
          includes these 5 fundamentals, your script is going to be effective.
          Here’s a BONUS for you. If you’ve written a script and want it checked out, why not submit it to me. I’d love
          to review it and give you a few pointers. You can drop it to me at or visit
          our website and upload it from the home page.

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