Better cold calls

Six phone tips for to be a more successful cold-caller

Cold-calling isn’t easy, but it is essential to making appointments and sales. Polish up your skills with these workable tips:

  1. Use a mirror. Buy yourself a mirror, a little hand held mirror is fine, or put one on your wall near your phone. “Why on earth”, I hear you say. I want you to watch yourself while you call, and while you do, I want you to smile at yourself. Smiling is going to relax your voice and you’ll sound better to the lead.
  2. Set a stopwatch. Time yourself. Work out how long it takes you to ask for the appointment and set yourself a limit. It should only be a couple of minutes. Then stick to that limit. And while you’re at it, BLOCK OUT your cold-calling time in your diary. It’s a daily appointment between you and your leads.
  3. Take a couple of hours and practice your cold-call skills. Practice with your spouse, your mother or your brother. Learn the answers, questions and objections. Learn your responses, so that they become second nature. Within a couple of hours you’ll be a better cold-caller and your diary will start to fill up with appointments.
  4. Track your numbers. Keep a record of how many numbers you dial, how many calls you complete and the number of appoinments you make. These are the ratios that we spoke about in this earlier article. If you’re not clear on the important ratios, you can read about them here.
  5. Record your calls. If you record your calls, you can go back later and listen to them. Pay attention to your voice and how you sound, the words you use, which ones work, and which ones don’t.
  6. Stand up. A number of things happen when you stand while you call; your diaphragm opens and your breathin gis more natural. Your posture improves and you feel and sound more confident and more energetic. All-in-all, standing up just makes you sound better.


Here’s a BONUS for you. If you’ve written a cold-call script and want it checked out, why not submit it to me. I’d to review it and give you a few pointers. You can drop it to me at or visit our website and upload it on the home page.


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