What are the Principles for Sales Success? Are you putting yourself in the position to win?

If you could bottle your recipe for successful selling, what would it be?  Do you even have one, or are you just shooting in the dark, month after month?  Sales gurus across the world believe that you have to have a set of principles for sales success from which you work every day.

Jeffery Gottimer, author and sought-after trainer in the art of successful selling, believes that there are three simple principles that lead to sales success.  Firstly, before implementing the principles he says that you’ve got to stop seeing your career in sales as one that “makes money” but rather to start seeing it as one that “earns” money.  From there he believes the three steps to ensuring your sales wealth are:

  • Build a strong self-esteem
  • Be better than the rest
  • Have the answers that others don’t

Geoffrey James, writer for Moneywatch and Sales Machine blogger, describes himself as a sales enthusiast and a keen observer of the ‘culture’ of sales for many years.  During his years of observation, James says that he has narrowed sales success down to five basic principles:

  • Sales is the heart and soul of the entire business world
  • Every organisation (even management) should be in service to sales
  • A sales career means improving yourself as an individual
  • When selling, use what works and forget what doesn’t
  • Selling is all about making friends and then helping them

Two different takes on the same topic, but with certain commonalities that we, at DFC Greater Gauteng, believe will lead you to sales success.

Be the best YOU – a confident, self-assured sales person who works from a place of integrity and confidence will always get the sale.

Be ahead of the rest – do your homework, know your product, understand your client, be the sales person who is one step ahead of the pack all the time.

Be in service at all times – your suggestions and financial plans should always be aimed at enhancing the lives of your clients.

If you have what it takes to implement these principles and become a sales success, drop Sean a mail on sean.gilliland@dfc.discovery.co.za today. We want you.


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