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How to Make Email your Best Friend and an Awesome Sales Tool at the same time

We would venture a guess that, as a sales consultant these days, more than half the contact you make with prospective clients or new referrals is via email.  We’d take a further guess that less than half your emails get responded to, right?

Emailing can be an extremely effective and dynamic weapon in your sales arsenal, if used properly. If used incorrectly, it ends up being just another mode of spam that your potential clients are inundated with, making it impossible for them to see your true value. Here’s how to make email your best friend, and an awesome sales tool:

Start with a killer subject line

Write a subject line that the reader cannot resist opening. Try tap into a pain point or problem that your clients might be experiencing, and tell them why your email is going to solve or answer it. Make your email ‘un-deletable’!

Keep It Short

If your reader has to scroll down through the body of your email more than once, you’ve written too much. believes that a killer email subscribes to the following framework (using no more than two sentences for each):

  • Attention: grab the reader’s attention quickly, keep them reading
  • Interest: in 2 – 3 points peak their interest
  • Desire: create build up, desire, or suspense
  • Action: ask them to take action, click here, or do something

Deliver one, honest message in your email body and make sure you show, concisely, how you can add value.  Always end with a call to action.

Direct your email to a person

Even though you may be “cold-emailing” always direct your email to a person.  Emails with Dear Sir/Madam almost never get read.

Use a Referral

As with telephonic sales calls, having a person to reference in your email works well in instilling credibility.  “Hi Mr. Johnson, Mike Black thought you might be interested in…” would be an email more likely to be opened and read than a “Dear Sir, I want to sell you ABC.”

Useful Don’ts to stay away from

Here are some useful tips to avoid when writing a killer sales email:

  • Don’t write an awesome subject line with terrible content, it will aggravate your reader and make them feel like you’ve waisted their time.
  • Don’t ramble on – be precise and to the point.
  • Don’t use the words; free, hot, sale, new, discount, act now, anywhere in your email.
  • Don’t misspell – always check your grammar, twice!

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  1. Good read and a new way of getting clients and their attention!

    1. Thanks Danie, glad you enjoyed it.

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