smart voice messaging

Ever made a sale from your voice mail message? These 6 smart tips will make your voice messaging more effective

Smart voice messaging

Many sales people are afraid of leaving voicemails because nine times out of ten they never get returned, right? Wrong, leaving an effective and well-structured voice message could be one of your best sales tools yet. Don’t let voicemails be the place where sales go to die, follow these simple rules for smart voice messaging;

Don’t tell them everything they need to know

Leave stuff out deliberately in your voice message. Make sure you leave the prospect wondering; leaving them with an air of mystery or intrigue even, and reaching for the redial button. Leave out the sales or product stuff too, use the voice message to hook the prospect, the selling pitch can come later.

Start with a hook, not your name

“Hi, I’m Sean from XYZ ..” is boring and it’s been done before. Try starting the voice message with your hook, or intriguing question, or killer catch-line. Leave your name and number until the end.

Make it quick

A three-minute voice message will kill the sale. Experts say you should leave a message of between 20 -30 seconds – no more, no less. Hook them quickly, keep them in suspense, leave them with a question, give your details, and end the call. Quick and painless for all parties involved.

Don’t call after dark

No-one likes a weird number calling them at all hours of the night. Be strategic; Friday afternoons are out, Monday mornings are too. Call during office hours, either first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon, prospects are more likely to call you back during those times.

Don’t homogenise

Be original, don’t create a standard voice message that you leave for every prospect. What if you call the same person twice and mistakenly leave the same old, staid voice message twice? Your credibility and originality-score would go straight out the window. Create original voice messages for each client; choose your hook, and know what would get them intrigued as an individual before even calling.

Create a killer close

“Please call me back” or “I’ll call you back tomorrow, thanks” are the standard forms of ending a voice message, right? But have you ever thought of not going with the norm, and rather perhaps posing a question to the prospect and ending the call right there? Find a killer close, question, or one-liner that is going to make your prospect have to call you back immediately.

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