You cracked the first cold call, now ACE the follow-up call with these 5 tips

Cold calling can be hard, but the follow-up call can be even worse. Thanks to these five tips, it doesn’t have to be:

#1 – Confirm the follow up in detail first

When you make the original cold call, make sure you confirm an exact time and date for the follow up call to take place. Don’t let the original call end with, “I’ll call you in a few days” or allow your prospect to end with “call me next week”. Be specific and agree on a set time and date for your follow up.

#2 – Send a reminder

As soon as you’ve ended the cold call, make sure you send a reminder confirming the conversation you had. These days, an email or WhatsApp message would be the easiest application to send the reminder in. It is a quick message to say something along the lines of “thank you for taking the time to chat to me today. I will call you back on Tuesday at 9am to continue our discussion.” Something to consider, would be Jim Domanski, president of Teleconcepts Consulting, suggestion of writing a hand-written reminder.  “It differentiates you and it gets remembered. And it gives the client a reason to be there when you make you follow up call.” Says Domanski.

#3 – Send a final reminder with an agenda

The day before your follow up call is due to take place send an email confirming your follow-up call time and add in an agenda or a few talking points to be discussed in the call. This will refresh your prospects memory and give a clear outline of the intention of the call. It looks professional too.

#4 – Always call on time

Not calling at the agreed time, is basically like ending the sale right then and there. Short of an apocalyptic catastrophe, you should always call your prospect on time.

#5 – Your follow-up call is as important as the original cold call

Be as original and dynamic during the follow-up call as you were in the initial one. Remember the sale is still not guaranteed. Remind your prospect of the pain point or reason why they wanted to hear from you again in the first place, and remind them how you can help them in solving this problem. Remember DFC Greater Gauteng’s top tips for being the best – be the best YOU, be ahead of the rest, and be in service at all times.

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