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Home Office Distractions? Learn to avoid… Oh look SQUIRRELS!

What are home office distractions?

As a financial advisor, a good deal of your work-day might be spent planning, prepping, selling, and doing administrative tasks in your home office. Home office distractions at home though, and can often be very hard to say no to. Interruptions can put a serious dent in your productivity and take your focus off of sales generating activities. Don’t sabotage your success by letting these seemingly harmless distractions get in your way:


When you work from home, your fridge (full of deliciousness, especially the chocolate ice cream you bought for Sunday’s braai) is just a few steps away. Food distraction is cited as the number one ‘work from home’ interference. Get in the habit of allowing yourself set eating times (as you would if you worked in an office). Breakfasts and lunches should be set times in your diary, with snack times included. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of continuous all-day snacking – your productivity and waist-line will only suffer.


Having a separate office or room to work in is key when working from home as the dining room table is an absolute no-no. Make sure your family understands that when you are in your “office” you’re working and are not to be disturbed unless there is blood involved. Some work-from-homers like to keep their door closed with a ‘do not disturb’ sign on or, for those with small children, enlisting the use of a lock and key might be a wise move.


Make sure your desk is well situated and does not face a window. The temptation to stare out of the window at the birds, street, kids, clouds, you name it, will only take your mind away from the real task at hand. Always make sure your desk faces a wall, with a window to the side of you for good natural lighting.

Here are some other tips for staying motivated and focused at home:

  •       Give yourself breaks – work for 30 minutes and give yourself a 5-minute leg stretch, regular breaks are great for productivity.
  •       Set goals and rewards – give yourself a reward for finishing a set task.
  •       Switch off Facebook – during your work day don’t open social media accounts like Facebook and make sure to switch off notifications from them too. Give yourself set times in the morning and evenings to check them out rather.
  •       Fit exercise into you work day – it will freshen you up and keep your mind active.
  •       Don’t stay in your ‘jammies’ all day – the temptation to stay in your pj’s or sweats all day is always there, but dressing for the job each day will make your feel more professional and enhance your productivity too.

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