Highly Effective Sales People

5 Habits of Highly Effective Salesmen

There is a lot of chatter out there on how to be a better this and a greater that. But in the field of sales and consulting, being good isn’t quite enough, right? As a financial advisor, you’ve got to be better than the best and then some. Yet, in this world of instant gratification, high stress, huge demands, and never enough hours in a day, how does one become great at being effective? Here are 5 habits of highly effective salesmen, that they practice every day.

Habit #1 – They Think Like a Client

An effective advisor or salesman not only puts the customer first, but is able to think like his clients too. They are able to place themselves in the client’s shoes and think from their point of view. An effective salesman thinks, “how can I help my client win?”

Habit #2 – They Always Take Notes

If a salesman is seeing two, three or even five clients a day, how can he be expected to remember everything from each meeting? An effective salesman will take extensive notes on the discussion points, as well as to-do’s or follow-ups that he needs to complete after the meeting. Furthermore, an email the next day reminding the client of the meeting points as well as the points on which they can expect feedback on, is a very effective habit to practice.

Habit #3 – They are Knowledgeable

Not only do effective salesmen deeply understand their products, services, and market-related details but they also have a deep understanding of their clients and their needs. Many people chose their financial advisor based on the depth of knowledge they have about the industry as well as how well their advisor really knows them too.

Habit #4 – They Welcome Feedback & Criticism

Effective salesmen welcome feedback and criticism from clients as they see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. They don’t shy away from it or become defensive when negative feedback is given. When clients ask to provide feedback, they are usually not saying they want to take their business away, but they want an opportunity to be heard and for things to improve.

Habit #5 – They Love What They Do

They say if you love what you do, you won’t work a day. Highly effective salesmen have positive mindset that is centred around enjoying their jobs. They wake up in the morning and are positive and excited about what the day has to present. Effective salespeople also see their profession as a valuable one in which they get to improve people’s lives, and not just another job.

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