Financial Advising is like online dating

Why Financial Advising is a lot like Tinder. Make sure they swipe right.

The question raised in a lot of financial chat rooms these days is “how do I find the right financial advisor?” Let’s be honest, a lot of potential clients are searching for their ‘financial soul-mate’ amongst a sea of phoneys and how are they possibly going to find you? The reality is that finding the right advisor is a lot like Tinder the dating app that’s taken the world by storm. Here’s how to make sure potential clients always swipe right.

Have the right credentials

Being a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is going to instantly set-up the trust factor that people are always looking for. Everyone wants to be in a relationship with someone with credentials, so make sure you’re licensed and have the correct certification behind your name to support your knowledge.

What the Trustee?

The word trustee in your profile will draw potential clients your way as quickly as having MD or PhD would. Trustee (like the word Fiduciary in other parts of the world) means that you are required to look after the best interests of your client. We all know that potential financial-suitors want to know that you are invested in making them successful.

Be the advisor they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

In order to be a long-term investment in which your clients want to invest in, you have to treat them like long-term clients first. Don’t drop them at the first sign of a new client on the block, treat them like they are your first and last client, ever.

You looked much younger in your profile?

Make sure your LinkedIn profile and other public profiles and portfolios are a true reflection of your current knowledge, credentials, and skill sets and are not completely outdated. Potential clients can and will do their research on you, so make sure they get what they see. Be aware of your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter as well. If you’re in the advisory game, it’s best to keep those platforms clean or create accounts that are solely for your private use and don’t use your professional name.

The big first date

So, they’ve swiped right, they’re ready to meet you and find out if you’re their ‘forever-after’ advisor. Make sure you make the best first impression you can, a lot can be lost and won in the first meeting.

Remember that in the dating game there can be a lot of rejection before you find the right one. Financial advising can be the same, but don’t get disheartened – try, try, and try again.

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