Brokers protect your clients health

Why you need to encourage your clients to protect their best asset

Health and vitality are not factors most people would consider to be assets. The reality is though, good health and vitality most certainly are assets, which sadly many people only recognise as such when they’re gone. Encouraging clients to maintain their health should be the goal of every financial advisor.


You might think that as a financial advisor, giving your clients advice on their health is not in your remit. However, we would argue that it most certainly is. Encouraging your clients to stay healthier for longer is in their best interest as well as yours.  Here’s why:


The major causes of death

50% of deaths are caused by behaviours which will most likely ultimately lead to disease; they are smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise and alcohol abuse. These behaviours almost always lead to diabetes, strokes, coronary artery disease, and respiratory diseases. In some cases these diseases could have been prevented or delayed if a person took better care of their health.


Cancer is another major disease that affects many people and can cause death. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the motto from most health care providers is that ‘prevention is better than cure’. If clients are regularly getting checked and looking after their health, their chances of contracting the disease can significantly be reduced.


Longevity is key

In order for our clients to fully realise the might of their financial wealth and planned portfolio, the component of time is needed. Staying healthy for longer is in their financial best interest. In addition, as their broker, it would also be wise during your annual client review meetings, to go over their life insurance coverage and make sure that they are protected against every eventuality just in case their health fails them.


Encourage your clients to make provision for when their health starts to deteriorate. Keeping funds to maintain medical aid contributions, and to fund a healthy lifestyle, are key factors you should be encouraging your clients to plan for. Risk cover for the events that occur when our health checks out is important too because the capital received from risk cover, is what determines the quality of living in our old age.


Programs that reward healthy living

As you well know, the Discovery Vitality Wellness Program actually incentivises healthy living for its clients. As a financial planner you should be using this program and its intention to address the issue of wellness and health with your clients and show them how they could benefit. Discovery is one health scheme which aims to drive correct behaviour.


Are you already taking this approach with your clients? And if you’re not, we’d be interested to understand why not, or happy to talk through how you might add this approach to your way of working. Drop us a line at


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