how to be a better financial advisor

How to be a top financial advisor

This article by Brian O’Connell appeared in Investopedia. How, exactly, does a financial planner get to the top? Investopedia canvassed some of the best investment business minds in the United States for some good, solid advice, and here’s the formula they advise financial planners to use to become top advisors: Define Yourself David Molnar, a managing director at […]

Brokers protect your clients health

Why you need to encourage your clients to protect their best asset

Health and vitality are not factors most people would consider to be assets. The reality is though, good health and vitality most certainly are assets, which sadly many people only recognise as such when they’re gone. Encouraging clients to maintain their health should be the goal of every financial advisor.   You might think that […]

Annual Reviews

The 3 most important reasons to do an Annual Review with every client

Many financial advisors overlook the Annual Review with their clients making the mistake of thinking, “well, if they wanted a review they would request one.” Annual Reviews should be a part of the personalised, hands-on service you offer each client, allowing you to deepen your relationship with them and strengthen their trust in you. Here […]

robots and financial advisors

Jobs, robots and the advisor of tomorrow

This article by Andrew King, appears on the Advicent blog. Jobs, robots and the advisor of tomorrow is a fascinating observation on how technology might impact your role as a financial advisor. Conversations about jobs—how they have been lost and whether they can be restored—dominated the public discourse in 2016. All signs indicate that this […]