A few simple rules for success from legendary NCAA coach Lou Holtz.

An amazing presentation, with some simple rules for success and happiness in life. There are many beautiful gems in this video, but his three key points are: “Do everything to the best of your ability with time allotted” “Just do what’s right” “Show people you care” I’m sure you’ll find other awesome inspiration in here. […]


Millennials to financial advisors: #doingitwrong – What are you doing to engage millennial clients?

This article by Jessica Lynn Rabe, appeared in Investment News . It’s a thorough evaluation of how millennials see things differently and makes some valuable points about how you might need to change the way you engage millennial clients if you want to succeed with them. A millennial working in financial services says advisers need to […]

smart voice messaging

Ever made a sale from your voice mail message? These 6 smart tips will make your voice messaging more effective

Smart voice messaging Many sales people are afraid of leaving voicemails because nine times out of ten they never get returned, right? Wrong, leaving an effective and well-structured voice message could be one of your best sales tools yet. Don’t let voicemails be the place where sales go to die, follow these simple rules for […]