You understand the financial consulting industry in a way few others do. You’ve lived it, breathed it and grown with it. You know what it takes to be a truly great broker, and you have an eye for spotting that elusive combination of raw talent and learned skill that makes someone stand out above the crowd. That’s why we want to talk to you about working for us as a Broker Recruitment Executive.


At Discovery Financial Consultants, we are dedicated to finding the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the pride and joy of the financial consulting industry. Our brokers are the industry heavyweights, the stalwarts and the mavericks, the true believers of the financial industry. And we need the right person to help us sniff them out and get them working for us.


You’re perfect for this job if you:

  • Are all about getting results
  • Have a strong broker network that you can tap into
  • Have experience in the financial consulting industry and can show a proven track record
  • Are dynamic and dedicated
  • Have a don’t-give-up, can-do attitude


You will enjoy a competitive remuneration package, starting at R40 000 or more for the right person with experience and a proven track record. You will also earn target-based incentives and bonuses.
We want to hear from you, so send your CV to or call us on 012 681-9000 to find out more.